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Generate your ideal model face for any photo to target any demographic (no model needed).

Real models: digitize your face to license to brands on demand (no photoshoots needed).

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About us

We're democratizing the creation of visuals, so that brands big and small can tell their story compellingly. We believe all image and video creation will be done via generative methods in 5 years. We're building that future.

Currently marketing teams and creative agencies use Rosebud to make infinite variations of people in their ads so they can target by detailed demographics. We can take an image of a 65-year-old woman driving a convertible down the Amalfi Coast and programmatically modify it into a 25-year-old Chinese woman or a man going through his midlife crisis.

Our first campaigns demonstrate a 22% lift in clickthrough rate.

Generated by Rosebud AI, INC

Over 25K sample images.

We can also customize your own AI generated face.

Create the perfect model for your visual and advertising needs.

Edit the face, and hair of any photo with a new face!

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